Singing Lessons

From beginning to advanced students, vocal conditioning is our top priority.  Each lesson involves exercises designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles used for singing, in order to prevent any long-term damage to the student’s vocal cords.  We look at a wide range of skills utilised in singing. These include: warming up the voice, correct breathing techniques, tone, extending range by developing the different registers, (chest voice, mixed voice, head voice or falsetto, flageolet and vocal fry).  We will then use these techniques and apply them to songs.  I also teach harmonies and do vocal coaching to help with NCEA singing performance exams, competitions or performances.

Along with weekly lessons, we encourage our students to participate in our Ignite Music Academy Concerts.   This helps to develop their skills, as well as giving them a sense of self worth and confidence.

We teach in local schools as well as the Ignite Music Academy Studio which is located in Kamo, Whangarei.

Weekly half hour lessons are $300 per 10 week term.  This is to be paid for in full, at the start of each school term. 


Thank you for being my singing teacher.  I have really found that I am able to sing a lot more songs because I can not only reach a lot of the high notes, but I can reach more lower notes too.



I feel like I have grown so much with your encouragement and teaching.  When I come to my singing lesson each week, I know that I'll be coming into a fun and loving environment.  Thank you so much for what you've done for me.  My singing lesson is my highlight of my week.

Naomi, NCEA Music Student


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