Preschool Music Classes

3 & 4 Year Old Group Lessons

Music is all around us, and in us.  Each child is born with an amazing ability to create and enjoy this music. At the most basic level, we see music in the way a child walks and talks.  We also see it in nature, in the cities, and in our homes. 

At Little Sparks we explore and help each child to find this music around them as well as creating it themselves.  Through our songs and games we teach the foundation skills needed for learning an instrument, such as rhythm, timing, pitch, and dynamics.  Along with this, we showcase a different instrument each week, allowing the children to see a variety of instruments close up.  They then create their own instrument that they can play using everyday items found at home.

Classes run during school term times on a Thursday from 9:30-10:15am at our Ignite Music Academy Studio in Kamo.  Classes cost $100 per 10 week term or $13 per session.

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