Drum Lessons

"Drumming is easy right? You just hit the drums with some sticks!"  That works if you want to clear the room, but to make great music, you need a bit more direction!    

Here at Ignite we have our own music books that we work from, but we also try to include songs that each student knows and enjoy listening to.  We teach how to read drum music, play to a metronome and a variety of drum beats.  All of this helps students to have the necessary skills to play in a band setting.   

Along with weekly lessons, we encourage our students to participate in our Ignite Music Academy Concerts.   This helps to develop their skills, as well as giving them a sense of self worth and confidence.

We teach in local schools as well as the Ignite Music Academy Studio which is located in Kamo, Whangarei.  We can also do lessons online, if you are unable to come onsite.

Weekly half hour lessons are $300 per 10 week term.  This is to be paid for in full, at the start of each school term. 


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