Lessons are to be paid for in full at the start of each school term. 

Weekly half hour lessons are $30 per lesson, or $300 per 10 week term. 

Weekly one hour lessons are $50 per lesson, or $500 per 10 week term.

Fortnightly half hour lessons are $35 per lesson, or $175 per term - 5 lessons.

Fortnightly one hour lessons are $60 per lesson, or $300 per term - 5 lessons.

Payments can be made by cash or bank deposit into the following account 12-3223-0159100-50.


Please see below for our cancellation policy and Terms and Conditions.

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Cancellation Policy

If for whatever reason you are unable to attend a lesson, we would appreciate that you contact us at the earliest time possible, by either email to, or via phone 022 130 5500 during the hours of 9am-7pm.

Where less than 24-hours’ notice is given for missing a lesson no catch-up lesson or credit will be given. This lesson is considered forfeited.

Where at least 24-hours’ notice of the intended absence is given, this is deemed an “explained absence.” 

We will arrange replacement/catch-up lessons for up to two lessons per term for explained absences, at a mutually agreeable time. This often happens in a day or two during the first week of the term break.

If we are unable to teach or due to circumstances beyond my control the lesson can not go ahead as planned, a catch up lesson will be arranged.  This is not counted in the two catch up lessons per term, but an addition lesson that is owed.

We understand that cancellation policies can be difficult and even seem unfair or frustrating, but they are a very important part of keeping quality music teachers active in Whangarei.  Your acceptance of this Cancellation Policy is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us, or check out our full terms and conditions below.

Why do Music Teachers have a cancellation policy?

For the teacher:

To be able to produce quality lessons week after week, requires time. Teachers set aside time every week for lessons as well as for upskilling and preparation of resources. By having a cancellation policy, it protects our time and energy and allows us to continue teaching.

For the student:

By placing importance and responsibility on each lesson, students maintain a deeper commitment and stronger work ethic.  It also enables each student to improve quicker, which in turn makes learning music more enjoyable.  

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


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